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Doñana National Park is the largest nature reserve in Europe, featuring a large expanse of marshes, shallow streams, sand dunes, and 38 km of gorgeous, undeveloped beach. Access to the park is somewhat restricted — many take a guided tour there. The best places for running in Doñana National Park are the gorgeous beaches, some of the walking trails accessible from the visitor centers, and the small towns of Matalascañas and El Rocío. Note that much of the park is protected and that many of the trails are softer sand.

Trails and Paths Good For Running. Many of the the park’s 9 walking/biking trails and 3 bike paths are too sandy for running. See here for more detailed descriptions. Best ones for running are:

  • El Arrayán Trail. 5.6 km loop through an umbrella pine reforestation. Located on the local road connecting Hinojos with El Rocío.
  • Cerro del Águila Trail. 5.6 km loop through La Algaida Pine Forests and by Los Desamparados Saltpans.
  • Asperillo Bike Trail. Paved 17 km trail that runs parallel to the A-494 connecting Huelva with Matalascañas. Sights include reforested umbrella pine forests and the fossil Asperillo Dunes.

Beachfront Path. A paved/concrete walking path goes along the beach in Matalascañas for 4 km, from Matalascañas to Playa Del Coto.

Beaches. The beaches are gorgeous for running, and have firmer sand around low tide. Good access from Matalascañas.

El Rocío. One of the most unique places in Spain. With its stunning chapel, wild horses and dirt roads, El Rocio resembles a wild west town. Sandy roads throughout that are decent for running, and a pretty waterfront path/wooden boardwalk goes for 3.5 km along the Charco de La Boca lake.


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