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One of the most spectacular runs on the Andalusian coast is a loop around the peninsula surrounding the ancient port city of Cádiz. There’s nearly 15 km of dedicated, nearly continuous waterfront roads and paths along the Bay of Cádiz, alongside beaches, through parks, and featuring sights such as Cádiz’ 100 watchtowers and spectacular cathedral. There are a few different running options. The main loop around the peninsula is nearly 11 km, which includes jaunts out to two piers. It’s very simple to follow — just stay along the water!

Start near the Tower of the Earth Doors, marking a dramatic entrance to your run. Head north along the Paseo del Vendaval coastal path for 1.5 km. There’s an option here to out to the pier along the Paseo Fernando Quiñones, enjoying great water views (adds 2.2 km out and back). Continue north along La Caleta Beach, with great views of the Castillo de Santa Catalina. At the 4.5 km mark, enter the lovely Genovés Park, with attractive paths providing an oasis of green. Exit onto the Paseo Santa Barbara, and continue around the end of the peninsula, passing the Baluarte de la Candelaria fortress and the bucolic Jardines de Alameda Apodaca, to the end at Murallas De San Carlos (Option here: jaunt out the pier along Paseo Almte. Pascual Pery  — 3 km out and back). Loop around the end of peninsula and head along Av. del Puerto south, staying along the water, passing the Tourist Info Office. For the final 1 km, run through town, passing the spectacular Plaza de San Juan de Dios, then along Calle de Dios, passing the Arco de los Blanco (arches) to the start.

SHORTER OPTION: The two piers are ~ 5 km of the ~11 km total.

Add-On. Lovely waterfront path continues south of Cádiz, alongside Playa de Santa María del Mar and Playa de la Victoria for 3.8 km (5.6 km out and back).


  • Peninsula Loop: 10.8 km (6.8 miles), including ~5 km for the two piers; Route south of Cádiz adds up to 5.8 km out and back
  • Peninsula Loop is 64m (209 feet)
  • Tower of the Earth Doors
  • Bus Access; Train Station in Cádiz