Andros, Greece

Andros Waterfront Routes

Town of Andros. Creative Commons: KyOn Cheng

We’ve researched some of the best places on Andros for waterfront running. In addition to being scenic, with views out to the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea,

Town of Andros. Up to 8 km overall, 102m gain. Town is also called Chora. This is some of the best waterfront running on the island. Start in the center of town and run the 0.5 km through the pedestrian-only old town to the Andros Castle. Run north for 1.4 km, along Neimporio Beach, enjoying the water views [Note: no sidewalk or shoulder but road isn’t too busy]. Retrace your steps and then head south, crossing the channel and then along the road and a walking path to the end at the Agios Ermolaos, a church built on a rock. MAP

  • Add-On: At the northern end of the path, there’s hilly, scenic running on quiet roads & paths up to Steines

Mpatsi. 5 km. One can put together a hilly ~5 km run along the water in Mpatsi, in a mainly quiet road with nice water views. From the tourist information center, head south for 1.5 km to Paralia Agia Marina (beach). Then head north of town for 1 kmĀ  around the crescent-shaped Mpatsi Beach. MAP

  • Longer option: Continue north for 3 km to Kipri. A scenic run above the water, with water views a good part of the way. This is more of a main road, no sidewalk/shoulder. Even more ambitious: continue another 4 km to Gavrio.
Gavrio. CC: Stepanps

Gavrio/Kipri. Up to 4 km one-way. The first port of the Cyclades, on the southwest side of Andros, with ruins dating to the Hellenistic Period. There’s ~1.5 km of nice waterfront running here, with sidewalks, including an 0.5 km dedicated path. You can continue south for another 3 km to Kipri Beach and the Agios Kyprianos church — about 1/2 of this is inland, 1/2 along the water. [No shoulder/sidewalk in this part]. MAP

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