Ankara, Turkey

Gençlik Parkı

Creative Commons: cankurtaran

Gençlik Parkı is central Ankara’s largest green space and a nice spot to go for a run. It’s also one of the better opportunities in Ankara for a flat run. Gençlik Parkı is a popular spot, nicely landscaped, featuring an outdoor theater, artificial lake, and a small amusement park. A loop of the park’s paths is ~2 km. Longer Run: Add to Gençlik Parkı with some nearby paths and running features. At the northern end of the park, cross Cumhuriyet Cd. (Cd=street) into the sports complex, where you can run around the perimeter of the stadium and on a running track. You can also continue across Kazım Karabekir Cd. and take a jaunt on the paths of the Hipodrom Park and around the Ataturk Cultural Center. Altogether, it’s possible to put together a 9-10 km route combining all of these areas.

Another Add-On: Ankara Castle. Just east is Evi Park, which is where there are stairs to access Ankara Castle, if you’d like to get the heart rate going!

  • Park loop is ~2 km; With add-ons it's uo to 9-10 km
  • Fairly flat
  • Anywhere in park. There are a couple of gates. Can also start at Ulus metro station
  • Metro: Ulus