Ann Arbor, MI

Burns Park Neighborhood

The whole of Ann Arbor is friendly to running, with wide and well groomed sidewalks along almost every street. That said, one of the most attractive neighborhoods in the city is Burns Park, which incorporates the University of Michigan campus and areas to the south. This neighborhood includes some of the prettiest classic homes in the city, frequented by professors, students, and families. As runners coast along the tree lined sidewalks, they can enjoy a variety of architecture, from Queen Anne and Art Deco homes to classical academic buildings. We’ve mapped out a 4.2 mile loop that hits on some of our favorite streets including Cambridge Road, Hill Street, and University Ave — but feel free to piece together a DIY run through this area!

Add-On: Enjoy additional paths around the pretty campus of the University of Michigan

  • 4.2 miles (6.8 km) sample route -- can be modified
  • 159 feet
  • South State Street
  • State and North University Bus Stop