Ann Arbor, MI

Lohr-Textile Greenway

Forgive us if we say the Lohr-Textile Greenway is nothing special, but it’s a noteworthy route for its proximity to the Ann Arbor Municipal Airport and other points south of Ann Arbor. While the cities involved hope to extend this path in the future, right now the paved multi-use trail stretches about 2.5 miles in a right angle along Lohr and Textile Roads. It begins near the intersection of Lohr and West Elmwood, then runs south to West Textile where it bends west. There are good sidewalks on either end where the route can be extended. The scenery is suburban and mostly monotonous, so we don’t recommend this as a destination run, but it’s a fine utilitarian option for those already in the area. 

  • 2.5 miles (4 km) one-way
  • 32 feet
  • Lohr and West Elmwood
  • Oak Valley and Lohr Bus Stop