Antalya, Turkey

Antalya Waterfront Run – East

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There’s more than 25 km of scenic waterfront running in Antalya. It’s a mix of dedicated waterfront promenade, and roadside path/sidewalk. For ease of use — and run! — we’ve divided the route into two sections: ‘East’, which follows Lara Cd. (Cd.= road) from Lara Beach for 15 km west to Falez Parkı 2, just south of Antalya Old Town. The ‘Western’ route continues from there west for 12 km to the Konyaaltı district, just past the Porto Bello Hotel.

Düden Waterfalls; Wikimedia Commons
For the eastern route, we follow the main road, Lara Cd., starting at Lara Beach. Heading west, the first 4 km is flat and there’s a separate path along the beach (the beach itself has grainier sand and can be crowded, so not always great for running). A highlight is the Sand Sculpture Museum.  Just past the museum, turn inland briefly on Bayındırlık Cd., heading uphill to then rejoin Lara Cd. above the water. The next section is lovely, passing the Düden Waterfalls and pleasant paths through the park. A pretty seaside path/sidewalk follows Lara Rd. for another several km, to Falez Parkı 2. Nice overlooks a good part of the way. See our western route to continue further!


  • Eastern Section: 15.5 km (9.7 miles), one-way. Can continue another ~12 km west
  • 142m (467 feet) one-way, west to east
  • Lara Beach - Lara Cd.