Antalya, Turkey

Antalya Waterfront Run – West

Flickr: Alexander van Loon

There’s more than 25 km of scenic waterfront running in Antalya. It’s a mix of dedicated waterfront promenade, and roadside path/sidewalk. For ease of use — and run! — we’ve divided the route into two sections: ‘East‘, which follows Lara Cd. (Cd.= road) from Lara Beach for 15 km west to Falez Parkı 2, just south of Antalya Old Town; and ‘West’, which continues for another 12 km to the Konyaaltı district. In addition to great water views, there are excellent views of the mountains as you head west.

For the western route, start at Falez Parkı 2 and head west, following the main waterside road and path. At 1.5 km, enjoy the sweeping views of Karaalioglu Park. Follow the road/paths around the Old City Marina (lots of shops & restaurants), then up to the cliffside Yavuz Ozcan Park. The next section is roads/paths through the Atatürk theme park, and then on beach roads through the larger beach park, anchored by the Glass Pyramid Exhibition and Convention Center. At 7.5 km, reach the Antalya Aquarium, and the D400 highway. You can continue running for another 5 km west, along Konyaaltı Beach. This is a flat section with great water views, parts of it a waterfront promenade and parts on a roadside path. The road is busy but it’s still pleasant running. The beach itself is lovely, but the grainy sand isn’t great for running. Our route ends where the D400 turns inland, just past the Porto Bello Hotel.



  • Western Section: 12.4 km (7.7 miles), one-way. Can continue another ~15 km east, to Lara Beach
  • 91m (300 feet) one-way, east to west
  • Falez Parkı 2 or anywhere along route