Asheville, NC

Trail Run: Snooks Nose Trail

Jason Greer

The beautiful Snooks Nose Trail is part of Asheville’s tough 100 mile spring trail race, but it’s a nice 4 mile or 8 mile out and back route on its own. Starting from the Curtis Creek Campground (about 30 miles east of Asheville), the trail ascends 2 miles up to the Snooks Nose Lookout. For even more views, continue out 2 more miles to the fire tower atop of Green Knob. The trail is quite steep for the first mile or so, but becomes more comfortable to run once you make it to the top of the ridgeline.

The trail is located the southeast end of the Pisgah National Forest.

  • 4 miles or 8 miles out and back
  • Steep and challenging with 3,000 foot+ elevation gain
  • Curtis Creek Campground
  • Curtis Creek Road