Asunción, Paraguay

Parque Ñu Guazú

Located in Luque, near the airport in eastern Asunción, Ñu Guazú is a 25 hectare green space with great running opportunities. The most popular route in the park is the designated 6 km paved walking/running path (the Peatonal), although more ambitious runners can add on the 1.5 km cycling path that runs along the east end of the park from Plaza Las Residentas to the airport. There are plenty of other recreation resources in the park, including stationary strength training equipment.

Longer Run: More paths to the west in Parque Gausu Metropolitano.

  • 6 km (3.75 miles) loop; Good add-on options
  • 8 meters (27 feet)
  • Plaza Las Residentas
  • Autopista Silvio Pettirossi