Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland Viaduct/Nelson Street Cycleway

Wikimedia Commons

This quick, centrally located run is a favorite of local business people who want to squeeze in a lunchtime jog. It’s also favored by night runners. Why? The brilliant hot pink Nelson Street Cycleway is lined with lamps that light up different colors as you cruise along — a fun and futuristic attribute that will make you want to return to this course again and again. You can cruise back and forth on the Cycleway if you like, but during the daytime it’s worth a spin out to the Viaduct, a delightful waterfront walkway with views of shops and ferries and coming in and out of port. It’s all flat, a safe space from cars, and a great way to explore downtown Auckland if you’ve only got a little bit of time.

For a longer run, combine with Auckland Domain.

  • 6.25 km (3.9 miles)
  • 258 feet
  • Viaduct Basin
  • This route is perfect for anyone staying close to town — you can hop on at any point, but Viaduct Basin is a good start with parking.