Arad: Lagoon Loop and Beach Park

In Arad, near the Bahrain International Airport, there is a very pleasant off-road run around the Dohat Arad Lagoon and the Arad Fort Beach Park. There are three sections to this run: The signature piece is the 3 km loop around the lagoon in Dohat Arad Park. This paved path with distance markers has views of the water the whole way and several nice green spaces.

Flickr: Francisco Anzola

For more, cross Highway 21 to the path along Arad Fort Beach Park (use Avenue 40). It’s a 2 km out and back to Arad Fort. Then, run along a pleasant path paralleling the Khalifa Al Khabeer Highway, to the Derby Cafe/Beach Pavillion. It’s a ~2 km out and back. So, this route is 4 km overall, or 7+ km if combined with the lagoon loop.

  • 7+ km for both lagoon loop and paths to fort and along water (a bit additional for crossing)
  • Flat
  • Dohat Arad Park