Baja California, Mexico

The Malecón of Rosarito, Ensenada, and San Felipe

Stephen Coles (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

The coastal cities of Rosarito, Ensenada, and San Felipe have some terrific Malecón (seafront promenades) and beaches for running. In Rosarito, you can also connect some trail running bordering Tijuana.

Rosarito: The resort city of Rosarito, just south of Tijuana, also has a few good running options. The best running option is along the main beach. There isn’t a boardwalk or path, but the main beach, Playa Rosarito, is runnable, with firm-ish sand near the water. Up to 4.5 km one-way. ROUTE MAP. Another option Playa Linda (3 km one-way), just north. ROUTE MAP

Another good route is the recently created Canon Historico de Rosarito at the east end of the city. This wide dirt trail is accessible even for entry-level trail runners. It’s a good short or long option, run anywhere from 4 km to 22 km out and back. For a more challenging trail option, run the loop over Cerro Colorado in Tijuana. ROUTE MAP (Via Wikiloc).

Ensenada: The best place to run in the coastal city of Ensenada is along the lovely Pacific waterfront. The “Turistico” strip along Ventana al Mar is the most scenic stretch, but it’s only .7 km. The Extensión Malecón Ensenada is also a good .75 km option. To connect the boardwalks, use Bucaneros — this ~3 km stretch isn’t pleasant, but it’s runnable.  TURISTICO ROUTE MAP. EXTENSION MALECON ROUTE MAP.

San Felipe: The compact coastline of San Felipe has some gorgeous waterfront views from its Malecón. The section through town is only .7 km, but runners can continue south on Av. Mar de Cortes Sur to the “Muelle” (pier) for more great views. 6 km one way. ROUTE MAP.

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