Baltimore, MD

Baltimore and Annapolis (B&A) Trail

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The B&A Trail is 13.3-mile paved mutli-use path stretching from Glen Burnie to Annapolis. It’s one of the the best spots in the area for a long off-road run. The Baltimore trailhead is at Saw Mill Creek Park, near Baltimore-Washington International Airport. The Annapolis trailhead is off Boulters Way, just north of Highway 50. There are half-mile markers along the way.  Choose a section or make it a marathon(!). Key distances and landmarks along the way, headed south:

3.3 miles:     Pasadena
5.5 miles:    East-West Blvd., Millersville
6 miles:       B&A Trail Park HQ
8.6 miles:    Severna Park (Earleigh Heights Ranger Station)
10.3 miles:   Anne and Arundel Community College
13.3 miles:    Annapolis end trailhead off Boulters Way

Add-Ons: At the Saw Mill Creek Park trailhead, good connector to the BWI Trail.



  • Up to 13.3 miles one-way
  • Flat -- 292 feet over 13.3 miles.
  • Baltimore end: Saw Mill Creek Park, near Baltimore-Washington International Airport
  • Numerous access points and parking areas