Bangalore, India

Hennur Trail

This is one of the best opportunities for a longer off-road run in the Bangalore area, about 20 km northeast of the city. The Hennur Trail is a dirt path in the woods, lined with bamboo and other trees. It is possible to run for up to 12 km one-way. A highlight is the section through the Hennur Bamboo Forest. This is the location of a popular ultra race in Bangalore, where the route is done multiple times to get to the 50/75/100 km lengths.

Note: It is difficult to see the trail on a map. We’ve downloaded the route for the Ultra event, which does the out and back twice to get to 50k.


  • Up to 12 km one-way
  • Some rolling hills
  • Chikasandra
  • No great public transport to get there