Bangkok, Thailand

Rot Fai Gardens and Chatuchak Park

This is another pleasant green area in the city, located in the near the Chatuchak Market. It’s a bit outside the city but very accessible by public transport. It’s a series of several parks: Rot Fai Park and Gardens has a butterfly garden, insectarium, and series of gardens; the botanical gardens at Queen Sirkit Park; Wachirabenchatat Park, which has bicycle and running paths; and Chatuchak Park, which is the second largest public park in Bangkok.

This is an opportunity to put together one of the longest sustained off-road runs in Bangkok, more so than other parks. A loop around the paths of Chatuchak Park is a flat 3.4 km (2.1 miles). With all four of the parks, and the various roads and paths, it’s possible to run 6+ km (4 miles) without overlapping. There is outdoor gym equipment in Chatuchak Park. On weekends, the famed Chatuchak Market nearby.

Map of Rot Fai Gardens
  • It's 3.4 km (2.1) miles around Chatuchak Park. Overall 6+ km of paths
  • Flat
  • Chatuchak Park MRT Station is a good spot
  • MRT: Chatuchak Park, on the Sukhumvit line; Skytrain: Mo Chit