Best Beach Running in Barbados

There are wonderful beaches on Barbados, offering a great variety — from smaller, palm-lined cozy beaches on the Caribbean side to the rougher beaches of the east coast, where powerful swells are popular with surfers. Many of the beaches on Barbados aren’t great for running — they’re either too short, too narrow, or feature fine (sugary) sand that makes for challenging footing. There are, however, a couple of great beaches for running in Barbados — you just have to know where to go!

West Coast.  There are many beaches on the west coast, but it’s mainly a series of smaller beaches, joined by the main road. Your best bet for running on the west coast is Rockley Beach/Accra, which is about 1 km long and is among the wider beaches on Barbados. Sand can be firm near the water and at lower tide. Just south of Accra is Worthing Beach, which also stretches for ~1 km. Joined by a short section of road, you could put together a nearly 4 km out and back beach run here!

East Coast. Cattlewash is a wild and rugged beach. The surf on the east coast, and tides, can vary the beach width and conditions. There are a couple of sections here: from Bathsheba to Cattlewash and then Lakes Beach can be 5+ km one-way. Might not always be seamless, but the road comes pretty close to the highway so can be used as a link. Further north, Walkers Beach and Morgan Lewis Beach can be combined for ~3 km (one-way) of great beach running.

Tide Table - Bathsheba  Tide Table - Rockley/Accra

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