Cherry Tree Hill & St. Nicholas Abbey

Wikimedia Commons

This challenging run features some of the most interesting sights and best views on the island. The full 12 km (7.5 mile) loop features the Morgan Lewis Windmill, Cherry Tree Hill Reserve, St.  Nicholas Abbey, and Farley Hill National Park. The total elevation gain is 322m (1058 feet), mostly in a steep, ~2.5 km climb to Cherry Tree Hill. Note that many of the roads here are unnamed.
The run can be started anywhere, but we begin it at Morgan Lewis Beach. Head south on an unnamed road for 0.3 km, and then turn RIGHT. At just past the 1 km mark, take another RIGHT, passing the Morgan Lewis Windmill, a working windmill dating back to the 1700s. Then, it’s another 1.5 km steep climb to the Cherry Tree Hill Reserve, following the same road for 0.9 km and staying left at the 2.4 km mark. Enjoy the great views! Leave the Reserve and continue west for 0.5 km, where you’ll turn RIGHT off the main road for 0.4 km to get to St.  Nicholas Abbey, a 1658 sugar plantation with a Jacobean mansion & rum distillery. Do a little extra jaunt around the  grounds and avenue lined with mahogany trees. Head back to the main road, and turning RIGHT to continue west along the same road, for another ~ 1 km, where you’ll turn LEFT at Moore Hill just before you reach Highway 2 (to avoid Highway 2!). Follow for 1.3 km, half down, half up to Highway 2. Turn LEFT on Highway 2 to reach Farley Hill National Park, which has great views from the grounds of Farley Hill house (burned by fire in 1965). From here, you have two options: return the way you’ve come, or continue the loop by following Highway 2 east for 3.2 km, enjoying a great downhill stretch with wonderful views. At the 9.7 km mark, make sure you take the LEFT (unnamed road), and then run north for 1 km to the T, taking a right to retrace the first 1 km of the route back to Morgan Lewis Beach.

  • 12 km (7.5 miles) loop
  • 322m (1058 feet). Toughest section is km 0.6 to km 3.2m, grades of 6-10%.
  • Can start loop anywhere but we start at Morgan Lewis Beach.