East Coast Running Options


The more rugged east coast of Barbados faces the Atlantic and tends to have rockier beaches and heavier surf. The main town in the area is the small fishing village of Bathsheba. There is some excellent running along the coastal road, known as East Coast Rd. The quietest section is 1.5 km from Bathsheba Park, north to the intersection with the Emmy Bourne Hwy., just past the Round House restaurant. You can continue for another 4 km or so, along the road (more traveled, use caution), until it turns inland just past Lakes Beach.

  • Up to 5.75 km (3.6 miles) one-way from Bathsheba Park north to Lakes Beach
  • 48m (157 feet) on one-way heading north
  • Any point along the way. South end is Bathsheba Park.