Bath, UK

Two Tunnels Greenway

David Smith

In addition to its lovely river and canal paths, Bath has another gem of a multi-use pathway in its Two Tunnels Greenway. This paved 9 km (5.5 mile) trail begins from Bellotts Road, presenting great views of the city’s Georgian architecture as is heads southeast towards Devonshire Tunnel. The From the Devonshire Tunnel (km 2), the path enters a wooded valley before heading underground through the 1.6 km Combe Tunnel at km 4.5. It’s not as spooky as it sounds — the interactive light and sound installation in the tunnel makes this a fun and unique route. After emerging from the tunnel, the trail continues another 4.5 km to Wellow.

Note: The first 4 km out of Bath is hilly, climbing 140m, with a couple of steep sections.

  • 9 km (5.5 miles) one-way
  • 183 meters (599 feet)
  • Bellotts Road
  • Bellotts Road Bus Stop