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The largest city in Somerset, England, Bath is named for its Roman-built spas and known for its gorgeous Georgian architecture along the River Avon. The city has long been known as a fashionable vacation destination, and remains popular for its heritage and cultural tourism. Not only does Bath’s economy boast software and publishing powerhouses, it maintains a thriving arts and theater scene, hosting a variety of festivals throughout the year. The scene for running in Bath is terrific, highlighted with numerous river and canal paths. The Bath Half Marathon (Bathalf), held each March, is famous.

Bath is surprisingly well laid-out for a historic European city, and most of the best places to run in Bath are centrally located. We’ve mapped out a runseeing tour of the most significant baths, crescents, and parks, in addition to lengthy routes along the River Avon and Kennet and Avon Canal. Runners can also enjoy the quieter Two Tunnels Greenway, test their hill strength on Wellsway and Entry Hill, or enjoy a scenic trail loop on the beautiful Bath Skyline Trail. See also our running guide for Bristol, which is 15 miles away.

Most of our Bath routes are close to the hotels and tourist centers, but Bath has a decent bus network if needed. There are several park and ride options just outside the city that allow drivers to avoid traffic. The Bath Spa train station has connections to London and other significant destinations. For some of our longer distance canal/river routes, it’s possible to run one-way and take the train/bus back! Note that this is the U.K., so always bring running gear for damp weather!

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Bath weather is typical of England, although perhaps a bit drier. Summers are pleasant and mild, with average high temps near 21C (70F) and cool-ish nights. It rarely gets hot. Winters are damp and dark with average high temperatures in the 6C (45F) range and lows just above freezing. Snow and ice are rate. Note that even though there are a few number of damp days, average precipitation is only 18″ per year. Note also the difference in day length between winter and summer due to the northern latitude.

Bath has a plethora of hotels, mostly centered around the downtown/train station area. Check out the comprehensive listings for where to stay in Bath on

Runners Need has locations in Bath and Bristol City.

Running Bath has a nice selection of gear and give great advice!

For a local running group, check out Run Bath. They post upcoming runs on their Facebook and EventBrite pages.

There are a number of great running events in Bath, including the famous Bath Half Marathon, Two Tunnels Marathon, and the Bath Running Festival.

Find a list of more upcoming running events at