Beirut, Lebanon

Dbayeh Marina


Dbayeh Marina is located about 10 km north of central Beirut and offers one of the better running options in the area. For a length of a little over 3 km, there is a pleasant, quiet seaside street with a waterfront promenade along a good section of it. There are nice water views, with the mountains of northern Lebanon in the distance. We also like this area for running because the roads are quiet and the air is better than central Beirut.

It’s fun to run around the marina with views of the water and some of the boats. There are also some good hotels and restaurants in the area. Overall, one can out together 7-8 km with an out and back along the water, adding some of the quiet side streets.

  • 3.3 km (2 miles) from one end of the marina to the other. Add on using side streets
  • Flat
  • Anywhere in the area
  • Auto needed to access