Bend, OR

Smith Rock State Park

Wikimedia Commons

Smith Rock is a popular visitor destination and is also a great spot for a run! Located about 1/2 hour north of Bend, this Park features towering rock spires and a deep river canyon. There are miles of wonderful hiking trails, and it’s a mecca for rock climbing.

For an easy trail run with fantastic views, we recommend the 2.2 mile River Trail and the 1.6 mile Canyon Trail, which are wide, flat, dirt/gravel trails along the valley floor, with great views of the rocks. These trails can be combined. There are also more advanced, technical trail running options.

Note: Entry fee required. There are restrooms and water.

  • Depends on trail chosen. Can do 4-6 miles combining River Trail and Canyon trail.
  • River/Canyon trails are flat. More advanced trails are steeper, with tougher footing
  • Large parking area