Bergen, Norway

Fjellveien Path


The Fjellveien Path is a great introduction to some of the hills above Bergen and among the most ‘runnable’. Fjellveien is a gravel road/path that runs along the ridge just below Fløyen and some of the other mountains, for 4.4 km between Amalie Skramsvei in Sandviken and Bellevue. Much of it is a pretty path through the woods, although there are some great views of the city and water below, and of the mountains above. The surface is generally a wide gravel pedestrian-only path/road, with a few stairs and rougher sections. It is fairly flat. Bonus: Lit at night!

There are several options to reach Fjellveien. The best bet, if you want to avoid hills, is to take the take the furnicular (centrally located in Bryggen) that goes to Fløyen and get off at the mid-station. From there, you can run 2.4 km north to Sandviken, or 2 km south to Bellevue. The path can also be reached via a relatively short but steep run/walk, in Bryggen or from other centrally located points in Bergen,

Add-Ons: Numerous other twisty roads off Fjellveien. Also, from the top of the furnicular at Fløyen there’s a plateau at 320m with numerous paths that are suitable for running — everything from modest to more challenging.

  • The Fjellveien path is 4.4 km (2.7 miles) one-way
  • Fairly flat -- but hilly to get there
  • From furnicular mid-station, then run either direction. Or run/walk to it from other points
  • Furnicular lower station: in Bryggen at Vetrlidsallmenningen 21.