Birmingham, AL

Red Mountain Park

Wally Argus

Red Mountain Park is a dream come true for outdoor enthusiasts, where hydrangea, red rock, and tall pines abound just 15 minutes from downtown Birmingham. There are  15 miles of trails throughout the park, offering myriad options for a run of any length or difficulty. For a fairly easy introduction to trail running, run the flat 2.43 mile (one way) BMRR South Trail. A more challenging option is the 2.93 (one way) Ike Maston Trail over rolling hills to the Grace’s Gap Overlook. For those who desire company on their route, check out the “Tuesday Night Trails” running series, where runners of all abilities form groups and run suitable courses.

The park map has great information on the various trail options, sights, and features.

  • Various trail options -- see map and our recommendations
  • Some flat trails, others are hillier
  • Lyon Lane Parking Area
  • Lakeshore Parkway