Birmingham, AL

Ross Bridge Neighborhood & Greenway

The upscale Ross Bridge neighborhood, home to the Ross Bridge 8k, is a beautifully sidewalked collection of grand houses. It’s a great option for those who like to run on asphalt in suburban areas away from the busy city center. The neighborhood is also home to the Ross Bridge Greenway, a 2.7 mile multi-use path. Runners may want to incorporate this greenway into their route for length, but note that it runs along a fairly busy stretch of parkway. For a more quiet run, simply trace your own path around the intimate streets and cul de sacs of the estates, starting at Village Center Street. Some of the longest connecting roads include Greenside Way, Orchard Ave, and Montauk Road.

  • 5.8 miles with longer and shorter options
  • 365 feet
  • Village Center
  • Ross Bridge Parkway