Block Island, RI

Mohegan Trail

Wikimedia Commons

This is a wonderful waterside run from downtown out to the overlook at Mohegan Bluffs, which is one of the most popular and scenic spots on Block Island. This hilly 5.5 mile loop starts from downtown (New Shoreham ) — the Old Harbor district is particularly scenic. Head south on High Street, then Payne Road until it meets up with the Mohegan Trail. Follow Mohegan out along the bluffs until reaching Spring Street, which continues north up the coast and back to town. There’s plenty of shoulder for running here, but do be careful during low light hours as the road winds many blind curves. 

For a wonderful add-on, take the stairs (steep!) from the Mohegan Trail Head down to the beach. It is possible to run on the beach, depending on weather and tides.

There are multiple options for variety here. If you’d prefer more coastal views, just do a there and back on Sprint St./Mohegan Trail, rather than the loop.  This route overlaps with the Shad Bloom Course.

  • 4.6 miles
  • 0 feet
  • Old Harbor
  • This is a run you can do fresh off the ferry — start anywhere downtown.