Bogotá, Colombia

Parque Virrey

This narrow linear park between Calle 87 and Calle 89 in the Chapinero neighborhood of Bogota runs along the green El Virrey creek corridor. It’s a favorite spot for runners, with three distinct running circuits that can be completed in laps, or one after another for a longer loop. All paths in the park use a combination of asphalt and brick walkway. The westernmost loop runs from Autopista Norte to Carrera 15, and is about 1.25 km. The central circuit, at about 1 km, covers the section between Carreras 15 and 11. Finally, the eastern loop spans 1.1 km between Carreras 11 and 7. Combined, a full loop of the park is about 1.4 km (.8 miles), so most runners do multiple circuits. It’s best to visit the park during daylight hours, but if you must run in the evening, the east end (where the police station is) is considered safest.

  • 1.4 km (.8 miles)
  • 1 meter (4 feet)
  • Avenida Carrera 15 and Calle 87
  • Avenida Carrera 15 and Calle 87