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Gloucester: Harbor, Village, Eastern Point

Gloucester remains an important center of the fishing industry, a residential area commutable to Boston via train, and a popular summer visitor destination. There’s some really beautiful running in Gloucester, including:

Eastern Point

Stage Fort Park and Harbor. 1.9 miles one-way. A very nice run along a wide sidewalk/boardwalk, with great harbor views most of the way. The best stretch is the nearly 2 miles between Stage Fort Park, and heading north along the main road (Rt. 127/Western Ave./Rogers St.), passing the Fisherman’s Memorial, to Maritime Gloucester.
Eastern Point extends 2-3 miles outward from the mainland. A full loop is ~7.5 miles (12 km)  The most spectacular section is along Atlantic Ave., heading south from Good Harbor Beach for 2.3 miles to Farrington Ave. Fantastic views and homes. Turn around, or continue from there for another 2.3 miles to Eastern Point. To complete the ‘loop’, return north along Eastern Point Blvd., which is also pretty, with occasional water views. MAP

Interior Gloucester. Pretty village running in the center, west of Rt. 127 and north of Centennial Ave. Shops, restaurants, and classic harbor town homes. Hilly! We especially enjoy Main St. School St., Church St., Beacon St., and Proctor St. See MAP.




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  • Harbor stretch is ~2 miles; Atlantic Ave. on Eastern point is 2.3 miles, full loop is 7.5 miles
  • 221 feet for Eastern Point
  • Depends on route
  • Gloucester has a commuter rail stop, 1/2 mile from the center of town