Brighton, UK

Brighton Seafront Promenade: West to Southwick via Wikimedia Commons

There are 10+ miles of wonderful seafront running in Brighton, along dedicated promenade paths. While the seafront promenade east of Brighton features the marina and the area’s famous white cliffs, the path headed west to Southwick is more pastoral. Starting from Brighton Pier, the first mile of the Coastal Path is alongside Brighton Beach (beach not runnable).

Hove Lagoon. Wikimedia Commons

Then you hit the Angel of Peace monument and the lovely Hove Lawns, where you can run along the green for 1/2 mile. The next section of trail is the Kings Esplanade, which connects to the even more extensive Western Lawns. Here, run along the paths or the lawn greens for nearly 1 mile to the Hove Lagoon at the western end. This is the ~ 3 mile point, where you can turn around, or run for up to 2.5 miles more along Basin Rd. to Kingston Beach and a pier. Bonus: Bus and train options allowing for one-way run! Our thanks to Kassie Helm for this route!

Add-Ons: Seafront path south of Brighton for up to 4.5 miles to Saltdean.

  • Up to 5.7 miles (9.2 km) one-way to Kingston Beach, including pier
  • Brighton Beach Pier
  • Train Station in Brighton and in Southwick; Bus runs along main road; There are car parks in the area