Brighton, UK

Brighton Seafront Promenade: Undercliff Walk to Southdean

Courtesy: Kassie Helm
Courtesy: Kassie Helm

This run on a classic seafront promenade heads east of Brighton, mainly along the Undercliff Walk path. This route is along a concrete path, with great views of the English Channel, as you run underneath white cliffs. From Brighton Pier, the distance is up to 4.75 miles to the end of the path in Saltdean at the Telscombe Cliffs View. You can also include the 1 mile out and back jaunt along scenic Brighton Pier (can get crowded). Note that the beaches in the area are very pebbly and not good for running.  Bonus: A bus runs along the main road, allowing for good one-way options! Our thanks to Kassie Helm for this route!

Key distances and landmarks along the way, headed east from Brighton Pier, in miles:

2.0:     Brighton Marina (nice additional piers & paths)
3.7:      Rottingdean Beach
4.3       Saltdean Beach
4.75:    End of Path

Add-Ons: Brighton Marina (up to 4 miles of paths, route here); Seafront route west of Brighton toward Southwick.

  • Up to 4.75 miles (7.6 km) One-Way to Saltdean
  • 35m (115 feet)
  • Brighton Beach Pier
  • Train Station in Brighton; Bus runs along main road; There are car parks in the area