Bruges, Belgium

Outer Canal/Rampart Loop

Kruispoort Gate

The 10.5 km Outer Canal Loop, also referred to as the ‘ramparts loop’ is the signature running route in Bruges. The dedicated gravel path circles the historic center, passing through four historic gates, past the Cozette Bridge, and numerous important sites. This is the route of the old city walls, a few of which are preserved, but the path is mainly parkland. There are markers every 500m, and restrooms/water fountains. Bonus: most of the path is lit at night!

We start at Kruispoort, the oldest and best preserved gate, running counterclockwise along a path with views to the Handelskom canal and the Bruges skyline. Pass the Gentpoort Gate and Schietbaan museum, run through the historic Minnewaterpark and two historic towers, before crossing the R30 to the west side, continuing on the path. Run for ~1 km north to the Smedenpoort Gate. After crossing the main road again, head LEFT (west), along the Afleidingsvaart canal. At the Paramount Sport Center, head east along Houtkaai, and then the path where it picks up again after crossing the N9. Continue through Baron Ruzettepark, then turning RIGHT again to head south, staying west of the R30 and along a park-like section as you pass the Koeleweimolen windmill, to the end.

Add-Ons: Can combine with Inner Canal Loop and other historic sections of Bruges.

  • 10.4 km (6.5 miles) loop
  • Flat
  • Kruispoort Gate, or any other part of loop
  • Busses along the main roads