Cambridge, UK

Brampton Wood Tim Fryer

Run the trails of the second largest woodland in Cambridgeshire! Brampton Wood Nature Preserve, located 45 minutes northwest of Cambridge, is at least 900 years old. There are wonderful specimen trees include aspen, oak, ash, field maple and birch. The area is free to the public and there’s a car park.

For running, one can put together 2-3 miles along the wide trails marked as ‘rides’ on the map. Near the entrance is a collection of wonderful ancient oaks! Note that the trails can be muddy in winter or after a big rain. This leaflet has good information and a map of the trails.

Add-On: About 2 miles east is our Grafham Water route, which features a 9-mile path around a lake and pretty countryside.

  • There are 2-3 miles of trails, known as 'rides'
  • 45 minutes northwest of Cambridge. Car Park