Cambridge, UK

Wandlebury Country Park and the Gog Magog Hills

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For a beautiful countryside run close to Cambridge, we recommend heading to the area known as the Gog Magog Hills. The area has many miles of walking paths and trails through woodland, wildflower meadows and farm fields grazed by Highland Cattle. A great place to start is Wandlebury Country Park, a countryside estate with 8 km of walking paths that are gorgeous for running. One highlight is the 3/4 mile loop around a circular Iron Age Hillfort. We’ve attached this trail map, and have also created a nearly 10 km loop incorporating the trails and some quiet, countryside road. For that route, start at path off Wort’s Causeway/Shelford Rd. Take the path south for 1.9 miles, and then LEFT on another path, heading north toward Balsham Rd. At the 3.5 mile mark, LEFT on Balsham Rd. to Shelford Rd.

Just south of Wandlebury Country Park, there are additional paths that are lovely for running. Enjoy the rolling fields of Magog Down (just south of Babrasham Rd./A1307). There are additional off-road trails between the A1307 (such as from the Devonshire House Dental Laboratory) and Cambridge Rd.

Be sure to stop at the Gog Farm Shop for a post-run treat!

  • Many km of trails in area. We've also plotted a 9.5 km loop
  • Rolling hills!
  • Wandlebury Park has
  • Wandlebury Park is 3 miles south of Cambridge. Entry is free but there is a charge for car parking