Cape May, NJ

Beach Ave.

No matter where you run in Cape May, you should seriously consider working Beach Ave into your route. This wide paved sidewalk follows the coast of Cape May, with great views of the ocean on one side, and regal beachfront properties on the other. As an out and back, this route is a little over 4 miles. You can start anywhere near Seaview Park on the west end of the street (parking is available along Beach Ave, although it may be limited during the busy part of the year). Head east along the beach, and turn around after about 2 miles, when the road ends. The sidewalk crosses the street and gets narrow for the last half mile or so before you turn around, but it’s still runnable.

If you like sand running, you can also drop down to Cape May Beach and run along the coast.

To extend your run past 4 miles, continue west into the Cape May Wetlands for some running on sandy paths. To reach the Wetland paths, continue west on the beach briefly. For road access, you’ll have to take S. Broadway to Sunset.

  • 4.45 miles out and back
  • 35 feet
  • Seaview Park
  • South Broadway