Cape Town, South Africa

Constantia Greenbelt

Wikimedia Commons

How many close-in suburbs of cities are also referred to as a wine-producing region? This area south of Cape Town and just west of Table Mountains boasts numerous wineries, as a wonderful greenbelt consisting of nine different trails. The most popular of these, and the best for running, is the Alphen Trail. The tree-lined trail, accessible from Alphen Drive, runs along the Diep River (stay west of Peter Cloete Ave.) and is a combination wooded and open. It is about 2 km along the river, ending near the connection with the Klaasenbosch Greenbelt TrailParkrun map

Other trails in the area that are good for running, many of them interconnected, are: Klaasenbosch Greenbelt Trail, which intersects with the Alphen Trail,; the Diepriver Path; The Brommersvlei Walk, which uses Rathfelder Avenue and loops around Bel Ombre Meadow.

  • Alphen Trail is ~5k out and back. Many additional km of trails possible
  • Varies. Generally rolling.
  • Good spot is off Alphen Rd.