Cape Town, South Africa

Historical Cape Town

Trace the footsteps of Van Riebeeck, the founder of Cape Town, and see the major landmarks within the city. Begin at the Coen Steytler Roundabout with the statue of Barthomoloew Dias. Continue running up Adderley Street past the fountain circle and the statues of Van Riebeeck and his wife. Turn left onto Strand Street past the Castle of Good Hope. Take a right onto Darling Street past the City Hall, Grand Parade and various beautiful Art Deco buildings, including the Post Office and Mutual Heights.

Turn left up Plein Street to the Church square. Here, you should check out the Slave Memorial and the Groote Kerk. As you continue, pass the Slave Lodge and Parliament to St George’s Cathedral. Enter the Company’s Gardens and run to Delville Wood Memorial. Exit the garden along Queen Victoria Street and turn left onto Wale Street until you get to the Bo Kaap. There is no missing this neighborhood: you’ll know you’re there by the brightly colored homes and cobblestone streets. Turn right into Chiappini Street and use Hout Street to get to St George’s Mall pedestrian street. Peruse the shops and street vendors as you make your way back to the start.

If you want a more unique opportunity to learn more about Cape Town’s past, Book a tour with Run Cape Town. You will get a feel for the vibe of the city by running through its streets, while a local guide shares the history and anecdotes about the places you’re passing. They offer 5km, (similar to the one outlined above) 8km, or 12km routes.


  • 3.6 mile loop
  • 194
  • Coen Steytler Roundabout