Cebu, Philippines

Hill and Trail Running Options North of Cebu

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For those who fancy some hill and trail running away from the hustle & bustle of Cebu, there are some good options a few km north of the city center.

Quiet, Hilly Roads: We recommend running on Cebu Hills Rd. toward the South Hills Subdivision. Fairly quiet road, nice views of the mountains, and hilly. Note: The subdivision itself is gated. 

Another good option is around the Northridge Residences. Most of the roads in this area are quiet, hilly, and open to the public. There are also some trails accessible from the Northridge Residences Rotunda.

Trail Running Options. There are some hiking trails in the northern part of the city that make for some hilly, fairly challenging trail running. Generally the terrain is fairly rainforest. Some spots popular with runners include the Spartan Trail (trailhead on Google Maps). The Spartan Trail End Point also runs into the C C Hill Trail and the particularly scenic Pamutan Grassland. In this area, there are also some good, quiet roads (and hilly) roads for running, as an alternative to the hiking trails.

Another good option is the area around the Buhisan Dam, which includes hilly roads, trails, viewpoints, and additional trails around  Myctronics place.

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