Charleston, SC

Brittlebank Park to Hampton Park Loop

Wikimedia Commons

One of the many overlapping runs incorporating the highlights of Charleston. This is just a shorter version of the Waterfront to Citadel route. It’s straightforward, and pretty 4-mile loop incorporating the waterfront and two parks. Start at Brittlebank Park and run the half mile through the park. Turn away from the water on Fishburne, and then LEFT on Ashley.  You’ll then head into and do a just under 1 mile loop of Hampton Park, which is Charleston’s oldest park. There are lovely trees, dirt paths, and gas lamps. Return using Hagwood and Fishburne, via the Citadel.

For a longer run, head toward the Battery and Charleston downtown, along the water.

  • 4-mile loop. For longer, head toward the Battery
  • Flat.
  • Brittlebank Park