Chattanooga, TN

Chickamauga Battlefield


Doing a run on the trails of the Chickamauga Battlefield is a memorable experience. Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park preserves historic battlefields from the Civil War in over 10,000 acres of open space in the Chattanooga area. There are two main sections: Chickamauga Battlefield, with 50 miles of trails, and Lookout Mountain Battlefield, with 30 miles of trails.

For Chickamauga Battlefield, the best place to start is at the Visitor Center. There are some terrific options for running here.

Road Run. The best option for a road run highlights Glenn-Kelly Road, which has a designated bike lane that is scenic and safe for running. We’ve mapped a nice 4-mile road loop, using Glenn-Kelly Road for 2 miles, returning via un-trafficked and scenic Battleline Rd. and Alexander Bridge Rd. Good options to do side spurs on other roads and trails. ROUTE MAP

Trail Run. There are 50 miles of trails, passing by battlefields and other historical sights. The terrain alternates between woods and and more open section. The Park Service has mapped out 5 different trail loops, ranging from 5 miles to 14 miles, with detailed directions and interpretive information. Some of the trails are narrower, but the footing is generally good.  See this page for information and downloadable maps.

  • Road loop: 4 miles (6.4 km). Trail loop options of various lengths
  • Rolling hills
  • Visitor Center
  • 10 miles south of downtown Chattanooga, off Lafayette Rd.