Chengdu, China

Second Ring Road Pedestrian Path

The roads of Chengdu are organized in a series of concentric circles, with Tianfu Square at the center. Most of these “ring roads” are highways, and therefore not suitable for running, but the Second Ring Road is the exception to the rule. The Second Ring Road is elevated above the city, with a clear pedestrian path running beneath the highway. Runners can score up to 30 km by completing the entire loop. Or simply choose a section for an out and back. Huanhuaxi Park (west end of ring road) and Dongu Park (near South Railway Station) are some of the best access points close to the city, and they have additional paths for runners to create a shorter loop.

  • Up to 30 km (18.7 miles). Can also do a few km in Huanhuaxi Park and Dongu Park
  • 87 meters (286 feet)
  • Anywhere along Second Ring Road. Our map starts at Chengdu South Railway Station near Dongu Park
  • Anywhere along Second Ring Road. Several good metro station access points