Chengdu, China

Greenbelt Cycleway and Parks for Running

Some of the best parks in Chengdu are along the edge of the Chengdu Ring Road Expressway (G4201, the outer ring road). It’s possible to string these parks together on a “greenbelt”-style cycleway that spans from Jincheng Park northeast to Qinglong Lake. Run the path itself or use it as an anchor for several good running spots it connects.

Bailuwan Wetland. Google Street View.

Greenway Path. Maps of the route are tough to find, but the rough trajectory is from Jincheng Park to Yinhu Sports Park, across the Jinjiang River, and into the beautiful Bailuwan Wetland area. From here, the cycleway bends north to meet the paths of Qinglong Lake in Shiling Forest Park. As a whole, the cycleway is about 25 km, but almost any section makes a great run. Some of the best places to start are Jincheng Park, Bailuwan Wetland, and Qinglong Lake. 

Good Parks for Running. A loop around the lakes of Jincheng Park is about 8 km, a loop around Bailuwan Wetland can be 4 km or more, and a loop of Qinglong Lake can total up to 12 km, with additoinal paths in Shiling Forest.

  • The path is 25 km (15.5 miles) one-way, so choose a section. Also numerous spots along the way for add-on or separate run
  • 231 meters (757 feet) one-way headed east
  • Jincheng Park
  • Jincheng Park