Chengdu, China

Huanhuaxi Park


Huanhuaxi Park is a large green space located between the Qingshui River and Huanhua Brook in western Chengdu, just inside the Second Ring Road. Runners will find plenty of interesting paths here, from stone paved sculpture gardens winding through bamboo thickets to wide open lanes along the brook. It’s also possible to cross the bridge onto the grounds of Du Fu Thatched Cottage, the former residence of a Tang Dynasty poet. There are more great paths here, showing off the ancient architecture and a scenic loop around a pond. There is a small charge to enter the Du Fu park, but the remainder of Huanhuaxi Park is free. A tour of Huanhuaxi Park (without the Du Fu addition) is about 4 km.

Longer Run: The pedestrian path that runs underneath the Second Ring Road is a great off-road option for a longer run. See our route.

  • 4 km (2.4 miles)
  • 16 meters (52 feet)
  • Caotang Alley
  • Caotang Alley