Chengdu, China

Jinjiang River Paths

Creative Commons: Daderot

There are several kilometers of paths and sidewalks along or above the Jinjiang River, which we’ve divided into a couple of sections. In central Chengdu (inside the 1st Ring Rd.), there’s a 7.6 km section of river path that runs from Culture Park (near Huanhuaxi Park) east to Wangjianglou Park. We’ve mapped the route along the north bank, but there are also paths along a good part of the south bank. There are several small bridges connecting the two banks, which are only 100m apart.

Another section runs from Donghu Park for 6.6 km south to just north of the Chengdu Ring Road (G4201). The path leads south along the waterfront, through Dongli Cuihu Park, crosses the S. Third Ring Road and ends near Jincheng Ave., just north of the Chengdu Ring Road (G4201.

It’s possible to combine these two sections — there’s a ~1.5 km gap in the ‘river path’.

Add-Ons. Add on with paths in Huanhuaxi Park at the western end of the river route. Also some paths in Wangjianglou Park and a small lake in Donghu Park. In the central park of Chengdu, just north of the river path, are Culture Park, People’s Park, and Tianfu Square — all part of our ‘runseeing tour‘ that incorporates a 5 km section of river path.

  • Northern section: up to 7.6 km (4.75 miles) one-way; Southern section: up to 6.6 km one-way
  • Flat
  • Depends on section chosen
  • Numerous access points