Chennai, India

St. Thomas Mount

Wikimedia Commons

Running to the summit of St. Thomas Mount won’t tack on too many miles, but this is not a bad place to get away from traffic, do some hill repeats, and get in some great views of Chennai. St. Thomas Mount is a hill with a road and stairs to a summit, where there’s a 1523 shrine on the site where St. Thomas was thought to have been martyred.

The pedestrian route to St. Thomas Mount starts just off Butt Rd., near Sacred Heart Church. It’s a path, and 160 stairs that lead to the shrine. It’s just under 1 km. You can continue a little further along the road to the Mother Virgin Memorial.

Unfortunately, there isn’t particularly good running in the area around St. Thomas Mount. For instance, Guindy National Park and Anna University, which are two good spots for running, are only 2 km to the east, but there isn’t a particularly good way to get there, from a running perspective.




  • About 2 km out and back
  • 120 feet in under 1 km
  • Just off Butt Rd., near Sacred Heart Church
  • Bus: Mount, Kathipaara, Jyothi theatre, or Butt road stops