Chiang Mai, Thailand

Huay Kaew Arboretum, Chiang Mai University, Ang Kaew Reservoir Track

Ang Kaew Reservoir Running Track. Google Street View

The best spot for a run in Chiang Mai is to combine a jaunt through the Huay Kaew Arboretum, the running track along the Ang Kaew Reservoir, and paths around Chiang Mai University. Most of the route is along off-road paths or sidewalks, and there is plenty of greenery making for a nice respite from the heat. This isn’t a specific mapped route — create your own combining these elements.

Arboretum. Google Street View

Start with a ~1 km loop around the Huay Kaew Arboretum, which has some nice paths through woods. From the Arboretum, you can connect to the Ang Kaew Reservoir Running Track, a ~1 km path along the east side of the man-made lake. There are some nice water views, nice trees, and exercise stations, and you’ll see plenty of joggers. The southern end of the track borders Chiang Mai University, which features a large, wooded campus. You can easily put together 4-5 km around the campus between the Arboretum at the northern end and Suthep Rd. at the southern end. Make sure to check out Dhamma Hall (Sala Dhamma), a grand spot with a fountain just east of the Reservoir Track. Then, enjoy some of the sidewalk and pedestrian paths of the university. At the CMU Main Stadium, there’s a jogging track.

Add-Ons: For some hills, our challenging route in Doi Suthep National Park starts near the Arboretum.

  • The Reservoir jogging track is a good spot to start

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  • The Reservoir jogging track is a good spot to start