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East Side/Calumet Area: Wolf Lake Trails

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There’s some wonderful running around Wolf Lake and along Lake Michigan in the Chicago East Side/Calumet area, straddling the Illinois/Indiana border. The Calumet ecosystem in the Lake Michigan basin is composed of over 15,000 acres of river systems, parks, trails, rare dune and swale, and savanna. The signature running is around Wolf Lake and Eggers Cove. It’s a bit urban — you can hear the road sounds — but it’s a nice escape from the urban jungle of Chicago. We’ve mapped several options, which can be combined in various ways.

Wolf Lake Loop: This is the main loop around Wolf Lake, 5.5 miles on a paved multi-use path. Great views of the lake, a boardwalk, marshland, & more! Start at the parking lot off Sheffield Ave. Head south, on the Wolf Lake Trail for 0.5 miles, and then turn north, running along the spectacular boardwalk for 2 miles. Try to do it at sunset! At the Yacht Club, continue on the Illiana Marina Trail on the east side of Egger’s Cove to 112th St. Head east for 0.5 miles to Highway 41, and then complete the final 2 miles heading south through Forsythe Park. Add-Ons: western side of Eggers Cove, Lake George Loop, or take Casino Center Dr. to the Lake Michigan trail.

Egger’s Cove Loop. This 6-mile loop explores the west side of Egger’s Cove. From the 112th St. parking lot, take the paved Burnham Greenway trail south for 1.5 miles, and then LEFT on the road along the water to enjoy 2 miles of scenic running along the water. Retrace your steps, using the Illiana Marina Trail to complete the loop.

George Lake Loop. A nice add-on to the Wolf Lake loop. 2.3 mile loop along the George Lake Trail.

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Lake Michigan Path. Attractive lakeside running on the Whihala Beach Bike Trail up to 4 miles between Whiting Lakefront Park and Calumet Park. There’s a not so scenic 1 mile section, but overall this is really nice! Add-on with paths in the two parks. There’s an outdoor running track at Calumet Beach. Combine with Wold Lake trail, 0.5 miles west using Casino Ctr. Drive.


  • See the different loop options
  • Generally flat
  • Depends on route chosen
  • Several parking areas. Main parking for Wolf Lake is off Sheffield Ave