Cincinnati, OH

Mill Creek Greenway and Spring Grove Cemetery

Flickr: David Ohmer

This is a nice run in the Northside neighborhood, combining the Mill Creek Greenway and the bucolic Spring Grove Cemetery. The Greenway runs for 2 miles, from Ludlow Ave. to the Cemetery. Spring Grove is a sprawling 1840s cemetery, with an arboretum in gothic revival style. One can put together several miles in here — it’s about 1.5 miles from one end to the other. It is permissible (and popular!) to run in the cemetery.  The southern half is a bit hilly.

Add-On: Just south, lovely running in the Clifton neighborhood. Use Clifton Ave. to cross over I-75 (a not attractive section), then Lafayette Ave. to Mt. Storm Park. Can also explore the Northside neighborhood roads.

  • The Greenway is 2 miles one-way. Create your own route in the Cemetery (perimeter loop is ~3 miles)
  • 241 feet
  • At Cemetery (where you can connect with the Greeneway). West end of Greenway is at Ludlow Ave.