Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico

Ciudad del Carmen Waterfront Routes

Aurélie Vilmer

There are several nice opportunities to run along the waterfront in Ciudad del Carmen. These ‘Malecóns’ can be done as distinct routes or combined in various ways for loops & longer runs.

Main Promenade (Malecón): This is the longest waterfront promenade in Ciudad del Carmen, inspired by friend of Great Runs Aurélie Vilmer. The heart of it is a 10k out and back along the Gulf of Mexico, from the Glorieta del Galeón Isla del Tris (beautiful old ship) west to the end of Playa del Norte. It’s ~5 km. The eastern part of the promenade is a groomed sand path along the water, and then there’s a paved, more developed, palm-lined promenade known as the MALECÓN COSTERO “NELSON BARRERA ROMELLÓN”. There are great views of the water the whole way. Add-On: the path actually goes for 1.6 km east of the Glorieta del Galeón. Firm sand with some soft spots.

Aurélie Vilmer

Centro Waterfront Section. There’s another nice section of waterfront running in the central (Centro) section of Ciudad del Carmen, following Calle 20. The nicest part of it is the 2 km along C.20 from the intersection of C.37 to the Zacatal Bridge. Headed south, there are great views of the bridge. This is a combination of roadside sidewalk and ~1 km of dedicated promenade, which includes a short jaunt out to the Stella Maris.

  • Longer Option: One can combine this with the main promenade. It’s 2.7 km from the end of that route to C.20/C.37 centro waterfront section — generally runnable but not that scenic.

Canal Route. The one additional spot we recommend for running is the path along the interior canal. It’s mainly a decent sidewalk along the small canal, with some nice shade and water views. It runs for 4.5 km between C.26 east to Av. Periferica Nte.

  • This could be done as a LOOP option with the main promenade. From the western end, it’s ~1 km along C.26 from the end of Blvd. Playa Norte., and at the eastern end, it’s 0.4 km along Av. Periferica Nte to Glorieta del Galeón.


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