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Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico

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Ciudad del Carmen is a city in the southwest state of Campeche on the Gulf of Mexico. It’s an increasingly popular tourist destination, well-known for its seafood and beautiful beaches. There is some lovely running in Ciudad del Carmen, mainly along a series of waterfront promenades. Our thanks to Aurélie Vilmer for her route suggestions!

The best place to run in Ciudad del Carmen is for ~7 km along the main beachfront promenade, or malecón. There’s a shorter but still pleasant promenade near the Centro, south to the El Zacatal Bridge. One treat is to run this stretch at sunset. The path is lit at night and there’s a sound and light show at nightly at 8pm. One can also connect to a ~5 km run along an interior canal. All of these three routes can be mixed and match for runs of various distances!

Note the climate in Ciudad del Carmen is hot year-round, particularly so in from April-September. There are also distinct rainy seasons.

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Runners should take into account the heat and humidity when running in Ciudad del Carmen. It’s hot year-round, with highs ranging from 28C (84F) in the coolest months to 34C (95F) in the warmest, with particularly warm and humid nights in the summer. There are also distinct wet and dry seasons, with September and October being the rainiest.